West Haddon Local History Group website.

Members of West Haddon Local History Group have been gathering information about the history of the village since the early 1980s and we’re still trying to fit pieces together, like a jigsaw, to build up pictures of life here in the past.

This site will present what we have found, not only from documents, such as Census returns, parish registers, wills and property deeds, but also from material evidence, such as buildings and gravestones, and from the memories of villagers who have been kind enough, over the years, to share with us what they remembered.

We are still collecting, and hope to become a point of exchange, by making information available from our existing archive, and by encouraging local people, together with descendants of earlier inhabitants, wherever they happen to live in the world now, to share their own histories with us and with others who are interested in the village of West Haddon. (We have already put distant cousins in touch with each other, from Canada to Australia, and added more pieces to the jigsaw in the process).